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The 1770s saw in the German-speaking world the expansion of non-specialised periodicals with cultural aspirations. Such publications were run by literary writers and music-lovers mainly interested in the creation of a national stage both for opera and straight drama. The study of the reception of Gluck as a reformer helps us locate publicist networks revealing strong power conflicts in this cultural area. This study also sheds light on the orientation of musical and aesthetic debates outside the professional sphere. As in the rest of Enlightenment Europe, Gluck’s work focuses discussions on the relation between text and music, on the imperatives of beauty and those of expression, although his reception in German-speaking countries allows us to highlight an interesting tension between the primacy of the eye and that of the ear, a tension which underlies an anthropological and aesthetical reflection on the adequate reception of music.

Les Lumières et la culture musicale européenne :

C.W. Gluck

N° 9 c

Sylvie Le Moël

Université François-Rabelais de Tours

Gluck et les publicistes des Lumières allemandes


Caroline Giron-Panel
Caroline Giron-Panel - "On peut arriver en Italie en passant par la Bohème"

Sylvie Le Moël
Sylvie Le Moël - Gluck et les publicistes des Lumières allemandes

Eric Scheeman
Eric Scheeman - "Gluck in Paris"

Timothée Picard
Timothée Picard - Gluck, scènes littéraires


Cécile Champonnois
Cécile Champonnois - Nicolas François Guillard

Julien Garde
Julien Garde - Iphigénie en Tauride et l'opera seria

Laurine Quetin
Laurine Quetin - "Adieu donc mon cher poulet"

Pierre Degott
Pierre Degott - Les fortunes d'Orfeo ed Euridice sur la scène anglaise