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What are the links between the real city of Nuremberg in Wagner’s lifetime and the composer’s plan to give the first performance of his work there? Wagner‘s initial idea was not to perform his opera in the city on the Pegnitz. It was only in 1866, the year of the Prussian-German War, that he conceived this idea, which must also be considered in connection with Louis II‘s plans to move to Nuremberg the seat of the Bavarian dukes. In addition to this came the project for a German Academy. The cultural and political idea of the redefinition and reconstruction of the “German Spirit” that the first performance in Nuremberg would have entailed finally failed because of the subsequent course of affairs in Munich, not because of Wagner‘s scepticism about the realities of theatrical life in Nuremberg.


N° 12c

Richard Wagner, Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg

Frank Piontek


„Welche ich zuerst sogar in Nürnberg selbst zu veranstalten wünschte...“

Zur verhinderten Nürnberger Uraufführungder der Meistersinger von Nürnberg


Danielle Buschinger
Danielle Buschinger - Der historische Meistersang

Frank Piontek
Frank Piontek - Zur verhinderten Nürnberger Uraufführungder

Albert Gier
Albert Gier - Komëdie als ideendrama

Norbert Abels
Norbert Abels - Hohn und Lohn

Sylvia Tschörner
Sylvia Tschörner - „Bliebst du im Paradies, / da gab es keinen Kies“

Arne Stollberg
Arne Stollberg - die „protestantische“ Musik der Meistersinger

Peter P. Pachl
Peter P. Pachl - Frühe Meistersinger-Rezeption

Cécile Leblanc
Cécile Leblanc - L'Ardoise de Beckmesser

Kristel Pappel
Kristel Pappel - Netzwerk in den Ostseeprovinzen Russlands

Esbjörn Nyström
Esbjörn Nyström - Zieltext als Dichtung?