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This present article analyses the modalities in the light of which an approach of musical phenomena, in which sociological reasoning and the theory of complexity intervene, is likely to entail a new reading of the act of creation and of the artistic activity, inserting them into a multiform reality which concerns the collective, the individual and the interpersonal levels at the same time.

In this context, the work is considered both as a social phenomenon and as an instrument of investigation and a tool of production of a knowledge of the different social backgrounds.


N° 1 b

Marc Signorile

Université Aix.Marseille I

La musicologie et l'apport du raisonnement sociologique

Marc Signorile
Marc Signorile - La musicologie et l'apport du raisonnement sociologique

Gérard Bougeret
Gérard Bougeret - Goût et musicologie

Chantal Leblond
Chantal Leblond - Le manifeste Aux abonnés de l'Opéra qui voudraient aimer l'opéra

Laurine Quetin
Laurine Quetin - Tarare de Beaumarchais et Salieri


Xavier Cervantes
Xavier Cervantes- "Untelligible Sing-song"

Albert Gier
Albert Gier - Chabrier entre Wagner et Anatole France

Julie Sandler
Julie Sandler - Bernanos -Poulenc : le dialogue des Carmélites