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Pierre Michel Hennin (1728-1807) is not the most famous of Chabanon’s contemporaries. The two men met in Geneva, when the resident of the king of France, who counted Chabanon among his table companions, was seeing Voltaire on a regular basis. In a politically tense climate, the two men, both in their thirties, built up a friendship in the merry company moving around Ferney. That relationship has come down to us thanks to the correspondence they kept for eight years, and which is now preserved in the Hennin collection. The negotiator was indeed a prolific letter-writer, with various and numerous correspondents, who took into account all sociability parameters to appear as an indispensable participant on the political scene, as a cultural mediator and as a propagator of the Enlightenment. Playing for time with Voltaire’s interventions in the Geneva affairs, he built up his persona as an informed and level-headed diplomat. His quest for professional recognition went hand in hand with his ambition as a learned and erudite collector, who still had to wait for the consecrastion of the Academy.

Michel-Paul-Guy de Chabanon et ses contemporains

N° 6 k

Anne Barrault

doctorante, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes

Pierre Michel Hennin, diplomate d'ancien régime et homme des Lunières

Susanna Caviglia
Susanna Caviglia - MPG de Chabanon et JS Duplessis, un idéal de vérité

Bernard Camier
Bernard Camier - Musique et société coloniale, St Domingue à l'époque de Chabanon

Marie Demeilliez
Marie Demeilliez - Apollon, Momus, Perroquet, M Chabanon, danseur et musicien

Raphaëlle Legrand
Raphaëlle Legrand - Chabanon et Rameau


Ghyslaine Guertin
Ghyslaine Guertin - "Le cher papa Voltaire"

Adrian La Salvia
Adrian La Salvia - La vie du Dante

Cécile Champonnois
Cécile Champonnois - La magnificence de Sabinus

Laurine Quetin
Laurine Quetin - "Le beau et triste opera de Sabinus"

Sophie Le Ménahèze
Sophie Le Ménahèze - L'Epitre sur la manie des jardins anglais

Anne Barrault
Anne Barrault - Pierre Michel Hénin

Ora Saloman
Ora Saloman - Lacépède, Critical Contemporary of Chabanon

Akiko Koana
Akiko Koana - MPG de Chabanon et CG Körner

Tanehisa Otabe
Tanehisa Otabe - MPG de Chabanon et JA Hiller

B. Van Wymeersch
B. Van Wymeersch - Chabanon et l'âge d'or

David Gasche
David Gasche - L'octuor à vent de Beethoven